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All shares and add-ons are once per week for 20 weeks, June to October. Veggie shares vary in size and content throughout the season, depending on what's growing, but the "Regular Share" is about 3/4 bushel of veggies per week, while the "Small Share" is about 1/2 bushel of veggies per week
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Stone Soup Farm is an organic veggie and egg farm. We do not grow fruit. The fruit share is sourced from neighboring farmer friends. It is not always possible to find certified organic local fruit, so the fruit share is a mix of organic, low-spray, IPM, and conventional fruit. Fruit is always from very local, small-scale farms. UPDATE: EGG SHARES ARE NOW SOLD OUT
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1. I understand that I must come to my pickup location at the specified time and day.
2. If I'm unable to make my pickup, I understand that I should send a friend to get it for me. I am aware that the farm cannot hold produce longer than the pickup time, and most leftover produce will be donated to local food pantries at the end of the pickup time.
3. In community supported agriculture (CSA), we all share the risks and rewards inherent in farming. This may mean that my share will be somewhat different from advertised, depending on weather and circumstance. No particular share or time is absolutely guaranteed. Extreme weather or other problems may prevent share delivery or cause us to change the day or time. This is very rare, but can happen. No refunds can be provided.
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Checks are best, so we can avoid credit card fees and keep more money in our community. Checks can be mailed to the address below. Payment by credit card online is also available. After submitting this form, select share type from drop-down menu below, and click the "Buy Now" button.

Stone Soup Farm

81 Rocky Hill Road
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