I can't pick up my CSA share this week. What should I do?

If you can’t pick up for whatever reason, you can always send a friend to pick up your share for you.  If you’re going to be back soon, maybe offer the friend a tomato or two for their efforts.  If not, consider just donating it to them, it’s a nice gesture and a good way to spread the word about CSA.  Your friend only needs to let the site attendant know who they are picking up for, and the attendant will help them through the process.

I missed my share.  Can I pick up a different day, or get a refund?

Sorry, but we can't arrange alternate pickup days or offer refunds.  We carefully harvest and send just the right amounts to each site with as little extra as possible, to try to cut down on waste.  Our venues are very generous to let us use their space, but they can't hold produce over to the next day.  As much as possible, any leftovers are put into good hands, like Food for Free, Amherst Survival Center, and Beets and Barley.

Why are shares so different from week to week?

In a way, buying a share is like buying stock in the farm.  You pay for a percentage of the farm’s output, and each week we distribute evenly to all CSA shareholders that which is available.  Like when buying stocks, you share in the ups and downs of the organization.  If Stone Soup has a very poor potato harvest, then you will not receive many potatoes. On the other hand, if there is a bumper crop ofpotatoes, then you will receive a heavy load of them.  Our planning is aimed at providing a balanced and steady supply of all the vegetables, but the reality of farming is that it is sometimes inconsistent, and CSA members will share in the ups and downs of the farm.

Why do you need all of my information? Am I gonna get junk mail or spam email?

No.  We use email as our primary communication tool, but ask for phone and postal address just in case someone isn’t responding over email.  Members don’t get calls or mail unless they are unresponsive over email.  We don’t sell or give away your information for any reason.

When do our shares start? Why can't you give a certain date yet?

Because of the uncertainties of weather, we can never be sure exactly when crops will be ready.   We aim to get out first shares in the first or second week of June, but if we have a cold spring then the crops will grow slower and we might need to start a little later.  Similarly, a warm spring will usher in faster plant growth and we might be able to start the season a little earlier.  All CSA members will receive an email by late May announcing the official first pickup date at each pick up site.